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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The overall mission of Common Sense is to interpret politics, prophecy, culture, and investments/money from a center-right, non-conformist, Judeo-Christian perspective so that the obscure is made understandable and practical for every day life. If you identify as center, moderate, independent, traditional, conservative, or right Common Sense will help you interpret the world you live in. Each site of Common Sense provides a selection of links, articles, briefs, video clips, and other resources designed specifically to help the reader interpret that particular arena and forum, and apply the ideas to political, cultural, spiritual, and business life.


Political Thinker and Writer, Thomas Paine, Common Sense

Common Sense does the work of bringing all of the important information together in one place so that you can access it quickly and easily – with the goal that you understand the most important issues of the day.

The section of briefs and articles under the heading Common Sense Interpretation represent views that we hold, either written by us, or written by others whose views and statements we largely affirm. These views will more specifically help the reader interpret the arena or forum where they live and work. A brief is a one page argument on a particular issue; an article is an in-depth treatment of an issue or subject. Research or Academics is a more detailed treatment of a particular issue that applies doctoral level methodology and research techniques.

Short Videos are generally less than fifteen minutes and usually less than five minutes long. Videos are generally longer than fifteen minutes and may be as long as an hour or more. Comic videos are generally short and to the point. Common Sense retitles an article or video or modifies a title if we believe it will help you better understand content.

Sometimes we provide a synopsis or commentary on links, sometimes we do not. When we do, they are labeled Synopsis, or Common Sense Commentary.

The Bottom Line

Common Sense is an interpretive site about politics, spirituality, culture, and money for real people. CS favors independent and innovative thought and ideas over tradition for tradition’s sake. We favor what works over talk for talk’s sake. We provide you with at least one article a day for each week in the key areas of life to help you interpret the arena you live in.

Common Sense Politics Mission Statement

According to Oxford Dictionaries, politics is “the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.” Common Sense Politics is an independent, center to right, non-conformist political site that seeks to provide resources and interpretation for the political arena. We seek to make the politically obscure understandable.

CS is not a news site and we do not get involved in head fakes, the manipulative headlines – and possibly misleading information – that seek to shape viewer opinions over the short-term. We attempt to provide consistent interpretation of the real issues. CS provides at least one article or other resource per day, on a weekly basis, to this end.

Common Sense Politics Methodology

Article and link choices are designed to help you interpret the center to right space. Links are updated every week between Friday and Sunday evening, and periodically throughout the week as deemed necessary. Post-Sunday-evening-link entries are carried over for at least a few days into the next week. All links are provided within a framework of major sections and themes.

For our specific interpretive view on various themes and issues, see the section Common Sense Interpretation.

Sometimes we provide a synopsis or commentary on links, sometimes we do not. When we do, they are labeled Synopsis, or Common Sense Commentary.